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Installing Laminated Floor


Value-Added Service is secondary product provision of Canaan Decoration Materials Ltd. that provides Floor Care Product and Commercial Flooring Services. These services aim to offer products for floor maintenance and flooring in variation for commercial applications.

Floor Mopping
Floor Care Product

Canaan Decoration Materials will provide floor care products, including but not limited to cleaning solution, microfiber mop, carpet & rug spot remover, laminate cleaner, and wax. Appropriate floor care products help clean stubborn stains in a time-efficient manner, sanitize, and enhance fresh home or office environment.

Wooden Floor Lobby
Commercial Flooring

Canaan Decoration Materials will provide Commercial Flooring service that offers thoughtful choice and installation of flooring for business, school, place of worship, or other environments. The company will source durable and long-lasting flooring materials to stand heavier traffic than flooring for homes, especially at entrances and hallways. Canaan Decoration Materials offers floor coverings that withstand wear with non-slip surface and innovative technologies.

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